A Reason to Stay

My dog lives for tennis balls and I live for him.  I know for a fact that my dog Klaus has saved my life. My dedication to him is unquestionable as is his loyalty to me.  Klaus was intended to be a foster dog but I proved to be a foster failure, just as Jason had predicted.  We got Klaus from the SPCA just a few weeks after arriving home from our honeymoon and we officially adopted him right before Thanksgiving 2011.  I always identified myself as more of a “cat” person so I didn’t expect to fall madly and immediately in love with a dog, especially a dog that wanted to play constantly and never ran low on energy.  But the two of us quickly bonded and he became my shadow. He follows me from room to room observing my every action with keen interest and often wedges himself between me and any object in close proximity, like the kitchen sink or another pet.

Jason was admittedly jealous of Klaus in the same way I was jealous of Jason’s job.  Whatever stole Jason’s time away from me was a threat because that meant Jason loved something else more than me, or at least that was my perception.  I suppose Jason felt the same way when I would spend hours throwing the tennis ball for Klaus.  I would often ask Jason how I would possibly cope if something happened to Klaus…but I never thought to ask Klaus how I would cope if something happened to Jason.

Klaus can’t tell me how to survive the long days without Jason but he’s one of the reasons I do, and will.



4 thoughts on “A Reason to Stay

  1. That’s precious. I am literally in the process of creating my blog and (per the suggestion in WordPress Tutorial) I was searching for blog(s) to follow based on a subject related to what my blog would be about. I typed in ‘dog’ and found your blog. I just had to put my 10 yr dog to sleep this past Monday (Aug. 11) of cancer that seemed to literally develop overnight. I decided I wanted to create a blog in memory of him to help me through my grief. Ironically, my dog came into my life a decade ago in the midst of a severe depression and the responsibility of caring for him…saved me. As I said, I’m literally just creating my blog so I haven’t posted anything yet but I sure am glad I have run across yours. I look forward to following your blog. And from one grieving heart to another…I’m sorry for your loss.


    1. Animals have an amazing power to help us cope and I’m very sorry you have recently lost your best friend. Writing has been very cathartic for me and I hope writing about your dog will give you a healthy outlet as it has for me. I have an older dog as well and I know it is only a matter of time before I’m faced with “the decision.” It makes it even more complicated because he was Jason’s dog so I constantly ask myself “What would Jason do in this situation?”

      Again, my heart goes out to you and I hope writing will help you heal.


  2. Renie, my heart aches for you to be so young and have to face such pain and sadness. I never knew Jason, but through you I know I would have liked him and would have wanted him to be my friend. But, I will be eternally grateful that I can now call you my adopted “daughter”. When I see your tears I would love to be able to wipe them away and take away your hurt and pain. That’s just not possible so I just want to tell you I love you and I am here for you. Never hesitate to call or reach out and say, “#2 Mom, I need you!”


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