So Here We Are

I haven't felt much like sharing my feelings lately.  Yesterday would have been our 3rd wedding anniversary so I spent the day working from home and then opened a bottle of cheap wine at 5pm sharp.  I didn't even use a glass.  I drank straight from the bottle which meant I had purple lips by … Continue reading So Here We Are

Changing Seasons

The changing of the leaves from green to bright reds and yellows inspired weekend trips to the mountains and discussions of upcoming adventures.  Jason and I were children of the fall and loved the brisk cool air and the excitement of the oppressive North Carolina summer coming to a much anticipated end. How do I manage this season … Continue reading Changing Seasons

I Bite.

I'm thinking about starting my own clothing line called "Widow bWear" because sometimes you just need a shirt that says "Back off or I will cut you!"  Perhaps the clothing line can have a secret pocket where pepper spray or a razor can be stored safely until needed.  Although younger widows may be a minority there is … Continue reading I Bite.