Free as a Bird

photo 2

Let me start by saying that Jason really didn’t like tattoos.  I remember him looking at my tattoos when I first met him and sensing the subtle disdain.  Despite the fact he had piercings and long hair in high school he never understood why someone would permanently inscribe something into their skin.  So I got a couple more tattoos today in his memory.  And they involve birds.  Another thing he didn’t really appreciate.   I had pinned some tattoo ideas on my Pinterest page and had been thinking about exactly what I wanted, and where I wanted it for months now.  Like Jason I am a bit cautious when it comes to the permanency…and I’ve also had a tattoo removed which was not only terribly painful, but mind-numbingly expensive.

Both of my freshly inked and greased tattoos are on my wrists and the first marks the day I met Jason (two love birds sharing a branch..awww) and the second date marks the day he died…hence the bird flying away.  I thought about adding running shoes on the bird but then the wings would be kind of redundant, not to mention the idea of a bird wearing shoes is just absurd since they’d never be able to find appropriate socks for those toes!  The tattoo artist kept trying to convince me to turn the images upside down but I kept explaining that the tattoos were not for other people to see but for me to see.  I think he finally got it when I explained the significance.  Who is going to argue with a widow??  Some people may wonder why I didn’t use our wedding anniversary rather than the date I met Jason, but my life didn’t change that much the day I got married…it changed the day I met him.  I was in love before the 3rd date even ended, or perhaps before it even started.   He took a bit more convincing but there is nothing that chloroform, duct tape and a little subliminal messaging can’t handle.  Also, that is a joke.  Kind of.

One of Jason’s favorite songs was “Free as a Bird” by the Beatles so I think even though he might frown upon the idea of a tattoo in his memory, he’d appreciate the gesture.  Now he truly is free as a bird.







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