NC State Medical Examiner and an Endless Supply of Stupid

I had to spend the evening with my parents because they were returning the carpet steamer they borrowed two months ago.  Jason’s old decrepit dog puked all over my bedroom carpet Tuesday night and now there are orange stains reminding me that I’ll probably need to put his to sleep soon.  The intention was for my parents to spend the night but two hours of my dad’s non-stop mouth diarrhea and I basically had to kick them out.

It sounds harsh but he compares the shock of finding out my half-sister is the product of another man’s sperm (generously donated to his ex-wife when they were married well over 40 years ago) and a husband’s death as the same thing.  I apologize but realizing your ex-wife was a loose trollup who always had a vacancy sign hanging on her bedroom door as soon as dad left for work is nothing like losing a husband to DEATH.  Two totally different scenarios.  My dad also tried to tell me his life has been much harder than my own.  That is exactly what I wanted to hear after a day fighting with the medical examiner’s office for a death certificate that I have been waiting on for 6 months.

I called the NC State Medical Examiner’s office yesterday to find out the status of the certificate because it sure would be lovely to have all the insurance paperwork competed so I don’t have the added financial stress, along with all the other shit tornadoes blowing through my life.  I was told 6 months ago that it might take UP TO 6 months.  And today they tell me the AVERAGE wait time is 6 months.  Clearly they don’t understand what the term “average” actually means….and my tax money writes the paychecks for these single-celled idiots.  Wait, I’m pretty sure amoebas have more intellectual integrity than anyone employed by Wake County or the State Medical Examiners Office.  Sorry amoebas…that was totally insensitive of me.

If there is a tone of anger to this post then it is being absorbed as intended.  I’m so bent and frustrated I’ve thought about driving to Dr. Deborah Radisch’s office and chaining myself to a heavy inanimate object until she gives me a satisfying answer…or really any answer at all besides the typical “I don’t know anything about anything” response I get from her office staff.  And then when they have to call security to drag me out of the building I’ll just call the local news station and make sure they catch it on film.  The State ME’s office is already under fire for being inept and inadequately staffed, so I am sure a little added publicity will add some fuel to the pyre.     They have seriously picked the wrong widow to F with and that is so much more than a threat.  I will be a blistering and festering boil on their lazy asses until they do their jobs.  I have nothing to lose at this point.  And for the record if I did my job as terribly as these people, then I wouldn’t have a job….and why again does 40% of my paycheck disappear into this abyss of incompetency?

End Rant.  I’m going to bed.  And yes, I had two fairly sizable glasses of Glenlivet (served neat) along with two beers before I wrote this.  I’m not even forgiving my gall bladder tonight.  I’ll deal with him in the morning.  In fact maybe I’ll get him a job with the state since he is only operating at 32% as well.


One thought on “NC State Medical Examiner and an Endless Supply of Stupid

  1. Oh Renee- that is crazy- both your Dad’s emotionally inept comments and the freaking ME’s office. I don’t know how they do things in the south, but I have Never heard of waiting 6 months for a death certificate. Up here you cannot even cremate someone unless you have a death certificate! I am so sorry that you have to go through all of this – it adds so much weight to the grieving process. 😦


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