*Originally written 12/30/14*I arrived at a revelation last night that had been fairly obvious to me all along but I could never think of a contextual metaphor.  It hit me last night while staring at the ceiling and wishing it was made of glass.   Jason was the Sun and I was just a planet orbiting around … Continue reading Orbiting 

Act One

I'd like to make a quick disclaimer for anyone who reads my blog and knows me personally.  Please don't read this and think the end is nigh.  Please don't think I'm swinging from an attic rafter or splayed out in a bathtub marinated in my own blood.  I feel like I'll get a slew of text messages … Continue reading Act One


I'd like to print out a stack of cards that simply say "Perspective" so that I can hand them to people whenever they whine and complain about problems that aren't really problems at all.  I would ask the person to meditate on the word like a Zen Koan and think before they speak again.  There are many … Continue reading Perspective