But How?

Time is my enemy.  All I want is for the day to go by as quickly as possible so I can go back to sleep.  That's the only time I don't feel trapped inside my head.  I no longer count the last 24 hours as a victory but rather as a failure because I'm still here. … Continue reading But How?

It’s True now

I've ruined the few good things I had, and what I didn't ruin just ended up ruining me.  Let's imagine happiness returned.  It would't stay long.  Despair is just around the corner waiting to move in as soon as the Sun appears.  I can't even say I'm lost because I'm not sure I ever knew … Continue reading It’s True now

The Stoning

Going out last night was the right choice.  It pried me out of my head which has been a treacherous and slippery place lately.  It was the anxiety of not knowing how I'd be treated and feeling like I'd be an unwelcomed intruder among my friends.  I had created in my head an image of distrusting and … Continue reading The Stoning