Weighing my Options

There’s nobody waiting for me at home when I get off work.

There are no missed calls.

No texts.

No emails.

I could easily just disappear and I don’ think it would matter.  I’m tired of feeling this way.  I want a new place and a fresh start.  I don’t want to be the emotional and confused widow who sabotages everything.


2 thoughts on “Weighing my Options

  1. Renee, i am glad you started blogging again. I checked several times during the earlier months of this year and noting. So i was very happy to see your late entries. I too continue to struggle…been 40 weeks for me and i find myself hating this time of year because of the holidays. Everywhere i go, i am reminded that i am alone and the sting is always there. The site of couples absolutely crushes me and i avoid crowds whenever possible.
    Anyway just wanted you to know that i am thankful for your blog…makes me feel normal to know that i am not crazy to feel this way. I may never be happy again but maybe i can find peace in this f&#ked up thing called life.


    1. It makes me happy to hear my blog helps in some way. Lately I’ve been far more depressed and down than usual too. Wearing a mask and telling everyone you’re okay gets so exhausting. I wish those of us who felt that way could just hibernate until life is ready to give us something good again. Sending hugs.


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