New Year, New Attitude…maybe

My second holiday without Jason.  All I can think is it will be over soon.  It is impossibly difficult to be merry when the most important ingredients to the happy life you had planned are absent.  The worst moment of this past year was at the stroke of midnight on New Year’s Eve when everyone raised their glasses and kissed their significant others.  Instead I looked up at the sky and gave the universe the middle finger.  Perhaps that is why 2015 was so cursed.

I’m going to try my hardest to welcome 2016 with a better attitude.  I have strategically planned the festivities to be held at my house so I can hug and kiss my dog at Midnight. I’ll still be without Jason but I’ll be surrounded by the friends who have helped me make it through and the friends who won’t be present will at least be on my mind.  I’ll also be thinking about all of you who follow my blog and are trudging through your own grief.  I am grateful for the support all of you have provided since I started this blog.  Love you all and sending hugs.


3 thoughts on “New Year, New Attitude…maybe

  1. My cousin passed last April in a military training accident. This holiday must have been hard on his family as well as his wife. We actually didn’t know he was married until after his passing. It was a while since we had heard from him (military kind of does that to you).

    That said, other than my cousin who passed recently, I have not had the dreadful experience of knowing death. Nevertheless, the holidays are always difficult for me due to my own depression.


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