Trump Hates Puppies

I had a horrible nightmare Trump was elected President and then immediately killed all the animals in shelters and shut them down because he said it was a waste of money.

The most frightening part of this nightmare was waking up and realizing that crazy fucker is absolutely that deranged and inhumane to commit such atrocities.  He is terrifying.  I am not a political person whatsoever and believe all politicians are sociopaths, sort of like most CEO’s.  But Trump is on an entirely different level.   Hitler…anyone remember that guy?  I suddenly feel as though I am transported to a pre-World War II Germany and I am honestly concerned, like Anne Frank concerned.  I purchased a new diary just in case that small percentage of Jewish blood coursing through my veins means I have to secure a hiding place in a fucking attic.

I read that many Sanders supporters are so butt-hurt that they’ll be voting for Trump.  Are you fucking kidding me?!  Cut off your nose to spite your face because that has always proven to be a winning strategy.  Perhaps this is so you can’t smell fear…or because you’re fucking 5 years old and mommy won’t buy you a candy bar.  If you are one of these people, please do me a favor and pull your head out of your ass.

I try to refrain from wishing horrible things on people because I believe what you put out in the universe will come back to you in one way or another.  However I do hope Trump wakes up in his 1,000 thread count sheets with the inexplicable inability to open his diarrhea spewing mouth, or move his orange limbs, or even take a shit from his gaping asshole.  I hope his hair catches on fire like pyrotechnics gone wrong during a Pepsi commercial and his wife cuts off his micro-penis with some of those scissors they give you in Kindergarten…you know the ones I’m talking about because they mangle construction paper just like that Honey Badger mangled Tara Reid’s tits.

What is most pathetic is all the free media coverage he is getting because he’s fucking crazy and everyone is waiting to hear the next ridiculous and nonsensical bullshit from his face sphincter.  And this is the lunatic who will most likely be our President.  This is exactly why the United States is becoming the equivalent of the fat kid in gym class with gastrointestinal issues and body odor.  Nobody will want us on their team and do you blame them?

Do you know why history repeats itself?  Because we’ve become too stupid to learn any lessons from the past.  Go ahead…vote for Hitler 2.0 and then go fuck yourself with a cactus.





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