James White 1:08:12

Listening to the crickets in surround sound

Swaying back and forth under the porch light

Feeling mosquitos bite straight through you

Wine and all that coursing through your veins

Remembering the last trip you took

The wind sweeping across every pore

Looking up to see the stars

Realizing suddenly you’re ALIVE

Getting choked up as you reflect on lost years

And all of the people who are “up there” now

Wanting to stand alone like this forever

Cradling them all in just your memories

Thinking of calling an ex to say you’re sorry

Questioning every decision you’ve swallowed

Feeling like you won’t get through this

And still knowing somehow you always do

The vibration of the train pulls you back in

Reminding you of when you WERE alive

*Inspired by pausing at just the right moment while watching James White on Netflix…and completely breaking down because you understand it all, and having the sense to grab a pen on your way out the door to smoke a cigarette.  Something you don’t normally do*





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