, thank you…

I love this website.  I love this website because it features articles that make me feel a little better about being socially awkward, frighteningly over-sensitive, nauseatingly neurotic and terrifyingly lonely.  Over the past several months I’ve read why being introverted usually indicates a higher intelligence, or why living alone gives us life skills allowing us to be more independent and better decision makers, and why creative people are more likely to suffer from depression and insomnia.  Or why swearing can help us relieve stress!  Of course I’m not claiming to be intelligent, creative, self-sufficient or some profound thinker…but I love believing that all of the unwanted quirks about my personality and behavior that often seem extremely limiting might not be as bad as they feel.  I do cuss like a fucking sailor though…

There are also dozens of submissions that support my ideas about a more leisurely and laid-back workplace , which is just a more pleasant way of saying I’m lazy and would rather show up wearing my Cookie Monster Onesie, and also that I hate 40-hour work weeks…or working at all really.  I just finished reading an article about why we shouldn’t start work until after 10am.  Yes!  Why must I be at my desk by 8:15 because I don’t do much those first two hours anyway other than make repeated trips to the break room to refill a coffee cup that is still over halfway full, and see if anyone has graciously blessed us with doughnuts or bagels.  I also find those first two hours of the morning the perfect time to catch up on the news and of course read blurbs about why being weird might just make me a little cooler in the most nerdy sense.  Yesterday I read a post about why we should spend more time daydreaming and socializing at work and less time hunched over a computer because those are the moments that lead to innovation!  I really want to send these articles to my supervisor and our HR Department but something tells me they just aren’t ready for this revolution considering we aren’t even permitted to wear jeans on Friday.

So I just want to say thank you to all the contributing writers on for making me believe that my over-active sweat glands, dry-mouth and rapid heartbeat are totally normal responses to walking into a Costco at Noon on a Saturday, or that my inability to focus on anything work related before 10am (but really all day) might just spark a really awesome invention that would potentially allow me to retire early, like tomorrow for example.



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