4/13/14 at 9:59AM

The date and time on his death certificate.

In less than 48 hours I will have powered through my 3rd year of widowhood.  I have been a widow longer than I was a wife and this is my anniversary now.  Just mine.  Is it okay to call it that in this context?  Anniversary sounds like glittery greeting cards, deliveries to your workplace from florists, expensive dinners and special gifts marking each year.  Traditionally leather is given for the 3rd anniversary but the modern theme is crystal or glass.  Will drinking whiskey directly from a crystal decanter be considered appropriate?  I have no means of drinking it out of leather.

Why do unfortunate circumstances have to forever ruin particular dates for each of us?  Can’t we all just have our own personal calendars absent of the dates we don’t like?  I never did anything to April 13th but now he shows up every single year and assaults my memory, forcing me to replay and relive the specifics of that morning.  What an asshole.



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