Love Letter to my Dog

I’m struggling with your mortality.  All living things are also dying things…that’s just the result of metabolism at the most cellular level, and the only possible ending to all of our stories.  I’ve navigated my way through the death of many loved ones and haven’t gone completely mad…yet. But watching the gray hairs spread across … Continue reading Love Letter to my Dog

Life is Shit

This is the view from my toilet.  Pretty nice huh?  Here's the problem though: I'm only witnessing the world from this side of the window lately.  I wasn't even using the restroom when I took this picture...I was just trying to see the sky without walking outside for fear the neighbors would invite me to … Continue reading Life is Shit

Chinese New Year of the Slut (or Year of the Cock) – Part VI

"I should have chopped his wood into bloody bits of confetti and sprinkled him along the edges of the interstate. The best ideas always come too late."  Anyone familiar with the book/movie American Psycho?  Well the guitar strumming, man-bun wearing, seemingly sweet and sensitive dude had merely been masking his inner Patrick Bateman until now.  … Continue reading Chinese New Year of the Slut (or Year of the Cock) – Part VI