About Me

Nothing to See Here

This blog is completely useless if you’re seeking sound advice on life matters, best snacks for tail-gating, or how to clean the grout in your shower.   There’s really no reason to justify why you’re here or why you keep reading.   This blog’s sole purpose is to provide a platform for my rants, factual opinions, and musings about the bullshit we’re all dodging on a daily basis just so we can die at the end.  This is the worst game ever!

I have a host of issues like depression, anxiety, fear of failure and just general rage towards most people.  But I look frighteningly happy when I am celebrating the 80’s.

Comfort is the solitude of my dark and heavily air-conditioned lair surrounded by blankets, books, a lengthy Netflix queue and crumbs from a freshly devoured Totino’s Party Pizza.  And my dog.  And also La Croix.

I’m a music snob but completely willing to karaoke Eric Carmen, or any song that allows me to incorporate obnoxious theatrics.   I hate authority and the color red.  I watch documentaries incessantly so I’m crazy fucking smart about many useless topics, and lastly I like to write offensive and pointless lists….so maybe I’m wrong and this is just what your life has been missing!  You’re welcome.

Also, my husband died out of the fucking blue.  I attribute many of my current mental quirks to all that shit.  Thanks Jason…at least 6 years of my life didn’t completely suck, I guess.  I experienced electricity only to have the wires cut, if that makes sense.

And this is my dog Klaus/Falkor (alter ego when I’m tripping) and the only reason I wake up and maintain a job.  He eats very expensive food due to his IBD.  He can also speak Mandarin, fly and make a mean curry.  I shit you not.


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